Union Grill & Bar, the brainchild of Paul Slijper and which is located on the Crescent in Camana Bay, had a special event on Friday night as a part of restaurant month in Cayman. Notables at the event were businessman Don Seymour, Minister of Tourism, Kenneth Bryan and representatives from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

Although it is self-described as a go-to gastro destination for foodies, romantics and families, a Union customer said on Friday night that Union is “a place that exudes class” and makes each customer feel like he or she is about to share something special.

A first time visitor to the new restaurant said, “You feel like you’re at the Harvard Club in Manhattan. It’s perfect for a private meeting or to simply have a quiet drink at the bar.”

According to Slijper, the idea for Union Grill & Bar came from a collection of his travel experiences. This is reflected throughout the restaurant, including the decorated mural at the back of the restaurant, the mirrors behind the bar at the entrance reminiscent of his time in Denver and various portraits.

Slijper said he wanted to create a place where anyone can come and feel comfortable, yet still be in a professional environment where they could just take out their laptop out and work from their favorite table for the rest of the day.

Open for lunch and dinner everyday (except Sunday evening), Union’s menu boasts fresh fish, salads, vegan and vegetarian options.

Union also does breakfast on Saturdays, which Slijper says Union may begin to offer weekdays if the customer demand is there for it.

To make a reservation at Union, you can call 640-5660 or email uniongrillcayman@outlook.com .