A merge of Cayman Creperie, Lucky Slice Pizza and Mojo Gastro Pub, there’s no doubt that Central Terrace has something for everyone. We caught up with founder, Brigita Nemet, about her vision for her businesses in the Cayman Islands. 

Tell us about the woman behind the brand! Where did the vision come from? 

Proudly self taught at the age of 9 – the first dish I mastered was a crepe! I’ve come a long way since my childhood cookbook, but the desire to open my own creperie never left me.

I am originally from Serbia, but have spent time working in Bermuda, Germany and Greece on cruise ships. I moved to the Cayman Islands in 2011 and opened Cayman Creperie in 2014 – a real dream come true and I’ve never looked back!

Central Terrace is committed to serving more than just good food. What else is important about your space?

We campaign for sustainability at Central Terrace – none of our products use plastic bottles and all takeaway meals are served in paper or eco plastic. It’s important to us that we’re doing our bit to look after both the environment and the community. We kitted out our restaurants with upcycled materials and our walls serve as galleries for local artists. We’re involved with many local non-profit organisations such as, Plastic free Cayman and Cayman Arts Festival.

We can all agree that the pandemic has been a difficult time for the industry. How has Central Terrace coped without tourists? 

Like everyone in the restaurant industry, we’ve had to adapt. Although it’s been a difficult time without tourists, we’ve taken the opportunity to grow in a different way. Sustainability is one of our top priorities so we are really happy to see our initiatives blossom. We will always be a community minded business and we’re grateful of the continued support from Cayman’s residents.

Restaurant Month is all about bringing good food, and good people, together. As a customer focused business owner, what’s your favourite thing about working in the restaurant industry in the Cayman Islands? 

#Caymankind! The support network here is amazing. Everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand. I love that culture, service and community is a big priority here. There’s so much creativity on this island and it’s so diverse. Cayman’s stunning landscapes are obviously up there.. but by far, the most attractive thing about this place is the people.

We are so excited for your vegan Restaurant Month menu! What can we expect? 

I actually became vegan quite recently and it’s been really exciting for me to experiment and explore this new style of cooking. It’s been really eye opening and I love that I’m able to still learn at this point in my career. I see the Cayman community as my friends and, like any good friend, I must share these delicious, recently discovered dishes with you! My cooking style has always been unpretentious. It’s fresh, 100% homemade – I’m calling it vegan soul food.

Try it for yourself, this October! 

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